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A member of the Bluffton Town Council was arrested over the weekend after a traffic stop

A member of the Bluffton Town Council was arrested Saturday after being pulled over in a routine traffic stop.

Council member Bridgette Frazier, who’s held a seat on the 5 member body since 2020, was arrested in Bluffton for driving with a suspended license. Frazier was going 21 mph over the speed limit near Bluffton Parkway and Persimmons St., according to a report from the Bluffton Police Department. The report does not indicate which road Frazier was traveling along but does state the speed limit was 35 mph.

After running Frazier’s license, the officer confirmed through dispatch that it was suspended. Frazier’s record led the officer to place her under arrest. “The suspect’s driving record was extensive with an abundance of suspensions for the same violation along with others. These factors coupled with her current suspension aided in my determination to place the suspect under arrest,” the officer wrote in the report.

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